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The catalog of dentistry electronic journals form the collection of Rev@Odonto which is the product of the participation of scientific publishers in the field of dentistry, to contribute to the increased visibility of scientific production in the area, published in Brazilian national journals indexed in databases Bibliography Brazilian Dentistry (BBO) and Latin American and Caribbean Literature on Health Sciences (LILACS).

The purpose of this site is to provide scientific journals of interest to the dental field in digital environment and with open access and promoting democratic access to scientific knowledge produced in the field of dentistry and related areas through universal free access to publications of scientific journals of dentistry, facilitating search and retrieval of information through a unified access platform from the same address and using the SciELO methodology, ensuring the compatibility of the publications.

The Technical-Scientific Coordination of Brazil dentistry VHL is responsible for policy of new titles and management of Rev@Odonto.



The database BBO - Brazilian Bibliography of Dentistry understands the literature concerning the area of dentistry produced by national authors.

The criteria for selection of journals titles for the database BBO include journals published in paper and electronic format.

1. Responsibility and selection titles process

It is up to Coordinator Center of Specialized Information System in Dentistry Area (SIEO) being responsible for selecting its national journals titles. Having this a Selection Committee to select new titles.

Be considered for indexing in the database BBO, the national scientific journals in the field of dentistry, providing they have the basic standards of a scientific publication.

2. Content

The scientific merit of a journal is a primary factor for selecting a new title. For evaluation are considered the following quality factors: validity, relevance, originality of theme, contribution to the area in question and the structure of scientific work. The publication of a significant number of original articles is very important to select a title. Scientific journals should publish predominantly original contributions resulting of scientific research and / or significant to the field of Dentistry. This item will be reviewed by a member of the Magazines Selection Committee of database BBO.

2.1 Don’t be indexed

  • Journal that publishes primarily articles translated or presented in other journals, reports of societies activities or scientific associations, abstracts, news and reviews;
  • Newsletters or publications directed to organizational issues and informative;
  • Periodicals of commercial character.

3. Peer Review

The review and approval of contributions to scientific journals must be performed by peers and the journal should make clear what the procedure of arbitration is. It is recommended the indication of the dates of arbitration proceedings including date of receipt and approval of works.

4. Editorial Board

The journal must have a suitable Editorial Board. The composition of the Editorial Board must be public and its members should be experts with recognized experience in the field of dentistry. It is suggested an indication of the home institution of the committee members and the state and the country they belong to.

5. Regularity / Punctuality of Published

The regularity of publication is one of the mandatory criteria in the evaluation process. To be selected for the database BBO, the journal should appear promptly in accordance with the established periodicity, i.e., a quarterly journal should be published four times a year, a half-yearly, two times, and so on.

6. Periodicity

Periodicity is an indicator of scientific production flow of dentistry area, recommends that the journal is published three or four months a year.

7. Publication time

Journals should be at least 4 (four) figures published to be considered for evaluation.

8. Standardization

The periodicals should::

  • Specify the standard(s) followed to submit their manuscripts;
  • Demonstrate the structuring of texts and references, so that it is possible to evaluate the obedience to proposed standardization;
  • Have a presentation format compatible with the standards for publications of scientific articles;
  • Contain summaries and descriptors of works in the original language and in english. We recommend the use of DeCS - Descriptors in Health Sciences for the selection of descriptors;
  • Have record of ISSN (International Standard Serial Number);
  • Presenting the date of receipt and acceptance of articles.

9. Sending periodicals for selection

For analysis of a new title, it's necessary send to the Coordinator Center (SDO/FOUSP), the last 4 issues of the journal, or the URL where the publication is hosted. Therefore, should not be sent newly edited journals, before completing the required number of issues. For predominantly electronic publication, the journal should have stayed in the air for at least a year and have the corresponding number of issues for analysis.

10. Opinion of the admissions process

The inclusion of a journal in BBO can only be done after a positive opinion of the Selection Committee.

11. Exclusion of titles

A journal indexed in the database BBO can be excluded if it fails to keep the requirements above cited. The exclusion should be made after opinion of the Committee of Selection.

12. Appointment of editors

The scientific editors of journals selected for the database BBO are committed to keep updating and pattern of the indexed journals. Periodically it's done an evaluation of journals to ensure the quality control of database. Its responsibility of the editor keep updates the collection of Coordinator Center of SIEO that will make the registration of the issues. The journals should be addressed by giving as soon as a new issue is published.

13. Instructions for authors

Instructions for authors should be in consistent with the presentation of the body of work and bibliographical references.



Rev@Odonto collection can be accessed through an alphabetical list or subject list. You can do also a search for journal titles, by subject, by publishing institutes names and by publication place.

The interface also provides access to full text of articles through an author index and a subject index, or through a search form of articles, that seeks the elements that compose it, such as author, title words, subject, text words and publication year.


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