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Brazilian Journal of Oral Sciences

  ISSN 1677-3225

SAVARIZ, Alan Rafael Martins; MARQUEZAN, Mariana    MEZOMO, Maurício. Preventive effect of an orthodontic compomer against enamel demineralization around bonded brackets. Braz. J. Oral Sci. []. 2012, 11, 1, pp. 10-13. ISSN 1677-3225.

Orthodontic appliances predispose to the accumulation of plaque due to the great number of retentive sites, which might lead to enamel demineralization adjacent to the accessories. AIM: To assess the effectiveness of a compomer for orthodontic bonding in preventing the formation of white spots around orthodontic brackets. METHODS: Forty extracted human premolars were divided into two groups: control group (CG), in which conventional resin Transbond™ XT Light Cure (3M Unitek™) was used to bond the brackets; and experimental group (EG), in which the compomer Transbond™ Plus Color Change (3M Unitek™) was used. pH cycling was performed for 17 days to induce the demineralization process. Enamel on the buccal face was photographed under a stereomicroscope (at 10x magnification) before (t0) and after (t1) pH cycling. The images were used to compare demineralization between the groups by using a visual scale. RESULTS:A statistically significant difference between control and experimental groups was found (p=0.004) showing that the compomer was more efficient than the conventional resin in preventing white spots. CONCLUSIONS: The compomer Transbond Plus Color Change was capable of inhibiting enamel demineralization adjacent to the bonding area of brackets. However, the inhibition halo did not exceed 1 mm.

: brackets; fluoride; orthodontic adhesives; tooth demineralization.

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