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Revista Odonto Ciência (Online)

  ISSN 1980-6523

SILVA, Wander José da et al. Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as root canal filing material: comparative study of physical properties. Rev. odonto ciênc. (Online) []. 2010, 25, 4, pp. 386-390. ISSN 1980-6523.

PURPOSE: This study evaluated some physical properties of two commercial MTA cements regarding it use as root canal filling material. METHODS: The compression strength (CS) of the evaluated materials was performed after 21 hours or 14 days of water immersion. The materials' radiopacity (RD) was measured according to aluminum thickness. Regarding setting time (ST), both initial and final times were measured. The solubility (SB) was calculated according to percentage of lost mass after water storage. The pH measurement was performed in three different times (initial, 1 and 24 hours) of water storage. All tests were performed according to ISO 6876-2:2001. RESULTS: Both cements showed that CS and pH were as in accordance with ISO standard. The two cements exhibited RD values higher than the equivalent limit of 3 mm-aluminum. Both materials exhibited SB values within the recommended limit of 3%. ST and pH also are in accordance with ISO 6876-2:2001. Additional SEM surface evaluation showed both amorphous and crystalline phase for both cements. CONCLUSION: It is possible to conclude that all evaluated materials are in accordance with ISO standard, allowing its use as root canal filling material.

: Dental pulp cavity; root canal filling materials; Endodontics.

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