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Revista Odonto Ciência (Online)

  ISSN 1980-6523

STEIER, Liviu et al. Analysis of bovine pulp tissue dissolution ability by photodynamic therapy: an in vitro study. Rev. odonto ciênc. (Online) []. 2011, 26, 1, pp. 61-64. ISSN 1980-6523.

PURPOSE: To evaluate the bovine pulp tissue dissolution ability of photodynamic therapy. METHIDS: Twenty pieces of bovine pulp tissue were weighed and divided randomly into four groups (n=5), according to the cleaning protocol: G1 - distilled water (negative control), G2 - sodium hypochlorite 1% (positive control), G3 - photodynamic therapy, G4 - sodium hypochlorite 1% + photodynamic therapy. The observation of the events of dissolution was performed by two observers blinded in relation to the test using 2x magnification, recording time in minutes until complete tissue dissolution. The total observation time was 2 hours. The dissolution rate was calculated dividing the weight of the fragment pulp (mg) by the time of dissolution (mg/min). RESULTS: Only group 2 (NaOCl) was able to promote complete dissolution of pulp tissue. In the other groups there was no occurrence of complete dissolution of the samples. The mean dissolution time for samples from group 2 (NaOCl) was 1.26 mg/min. CONCLUSION: Only the sodium hypochlorite was able to dissolve the fragments of bovine pulp tissue and photodynamic therapy does not show ability to dissolve tissue.

: Pulp dissolution; sodium hypochlorite; photodynamic therapy.

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