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    Revista Odonto Ciência (Online)

      ISSN 1980-6523

    Rev. odonto ciênc. (Online) vol.26 no.1 Porto Alegre ene. 2011




    Celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2011



    Rosemary S. ShinkaiI; Altair A. Del Bel CuryII; José Antônio Poli de FigueiredoII; Saul Martins PaivaII

    IIAssociate Editors



    In 2011, the Revista Odonto Ciência (Journal of Dental Science) celebrates its 25th anniversary. More than of any particular achievement during our journey, we are proud to have worked in partnership with the dental community for the past 25 years in service of oral healthcare, research and education. The editors of the Revista Odonto Ciência (Journal of Dental Science) would like to thank their readers, authors, reviewers, members of the editorial board, administrative staff and library assistants, Edipucrs, Supernova type-setting and Epecê press, American Journal Experts, the staff of the indexing services and publishing organizations – all the people that made history with us and continue to work to follow our mission. In particular, we acknowledge Dr. Telmo Berthold, first editor-in-chief of the Revista Odonto Ciência (Journal of Dental Science), who headed the journal for 21 years until 2008.



    To open the first issue of our silver anniversary, the Revista Odonto Ciência (Journal of Dental Science) has the pleasure of publishing two guest editorials, one by Prof. Jorge Audy, Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies of the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), and one by Prof. Marcos Tulio Carvalho, Dean of the PUCRS Dental School. Prof. Audy writes about the international, national and institutional policies for scientific information and publication, with a special focus on the open access movement. Prof. Carvalho discusses the importance of the Revista Odonto Ciência (Journal of Dental Science) as a communication channel of relevant scientific findings for the benefit of the dental profession and general community since 1986.

    In 2011, the Revista Odonto Ciência (Journal of Dental Science) will also continue to publish The Science Transfer Series, but it will do so in a new format. We introduce The Science Transfer Series – Interview with our first guests: Prof. Jaime Cury, from the University of Campinas, and Prof. Cassiano Rösing, from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. In "Science Reaching the Dental Clinical Practitioner," Prof. Cury and Prof. Rösing talk about their efforts to take the best scientific evidence directly to the end point of oral healthcare delivery: the dental practitioner who attends continuing education courses and general dental meetings to gather information to be used in the clinics the next day.

    You are invited to join in the festivities. We hope that it will be a good year for all!