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Basic information

The South Brazilian Dentistry Journal RSBO (Online) was created in 2004 with the mission of contributing significantly to the studies in Dentistry, thus providing scientific knowledge for researchers, graduate students and dental professionals.

The journal Editor-in-chief is Prof. Dr. Flares Baratto Filho and the administrative editors are professors Dr. Luiz Carlos Machado Miguel and Fabrício Scaini.

The articles are geared to the academic and professional audience, addressing topics of interest and scientific and technological advances in the area.

Since the beginning, the RSBO journal had an editorial board of quality with approximately 50 members from teaching institutions. As the number of articles increased a lot, the journal editorial board was reconsidered in the beginning of 2009 and now has approximately 180 members, who are all recognized researchers and with institutional affiliations from all areas (and states) of Brazil. Likewise, the RSBO journal has also members from USA, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic and Argentina.

With regards to the articles published, the RSBO editorial board always observes the limitation of studies from our own group and even from the state of Santa Catarina, thus preventing inbreeding.

In relation to periodicity, since the beginning of the journal (November 2004) none of the issues has ever been delayed, and one of our current guidelines is to launch the journal no more than the first day of the journal's launching month. Besides, the journal was launched as a semiannual journal (2004, 2005, 2006 e 2007) and in the end of 2007 there was a plan to increase this periodicity. Thus, in 2008 the journal started to be launched three times a year and it became quarterly in 2009. With regards to the number of articles, the RSBO journal has an average of 16 articles in each issue, and most of them are original research articles.

The journal short title is RSBO (Online), which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes and bibliographical references and captions.



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  • ICI
  • DOAJ
  • Free Medical Journals


Intelectual property

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The publication is financially supported by:

  • Universidade da Região de Joinville (Univille)
  • Dental Perboni
  • Dentsply


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